Talking about the most popular technology currently, it seems not complete without mentioning Blockchain. Yes, Blockchain or a decentralized system is a kind of system that removes the role of intermediary in a transaction. That’s why; you can also call it the peer-to-peer method in which the parties involved are only 2, no more. 


Many companies have applied the Blockchain method nowadays. Unfortunately, the features may not complete so that the result will not be optimal. One of them is 1irstcoin. 1irstcoin is a company from Germany to give a medium in online transactions, trades, and investments. Meanwhile, it is known to give ultimate features and services so that the members can get more and more benefits. 


It features an aggregator in which you can easily get 85 different Cryptocurrencies on the best condition with the decentralized system. Meanwhile, it is also possible for you to join the trade in the best market condition even without opening an account. The algorithm of 1irstcoin is able to scan the best offer in the market.  


Sure, there are still many other benefits you can get by joining 1rstcoin. The safety and security are really guaranteed to avoid any problems to face now and in the future. If you want to join, you can go to 


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