Almost all businesses may need a server to store and keep their data. Particularly in a big-scale business, it is definitely the necessities must be fulfilled. Therefore, there is no problem to happen later like data loss or leakage. Sure, the server must have great safety features to make sure they are working well. Although the server usage is necessary and even needed, it means that you must spend more money on this. As information, the budgets for this thing are not a few. It is because; the more data to store mean more space needed.

But actually, there is a great solution to this problem. You can store your data no matter how numerous it is without spending so much money. It is through an app provided by Bluzelle. Bluzelle is a site that provides serverless and distributed applications. It works by applying the Blockchain platform. The products are really suitable for many products including gaming and media.

There are some benefits of using Bluzelle as the business’ platform. It applies the stand-up databases in many locations only for minutes. Bluzelle can also automatically scale around the world with more than 100 locations. Lastly, it features the multi and hybrid cloud so that the data can be put closer to the apps.