Blockchain technology creates huge disruption in many fields of modern life. Cryptocurrency may be the flagship implementation of blockchain technology but actually, the implementation is almost unlimited ranging from marketplace to internet of things (IOT). However, all of them requires high reliable data storage solution.

Blockchain technology is all about decentralization. Data storage solution required for its implementation needs to be very reliable, highly secured, and have high performance. More than that, the data storage also needs to provide permissionless environment. Lambda offers the best solution for blockchain data storage solution.

Unlike more established blockchain centralized storage service, Lambda offers fully decentralized data storage service. It serves as marketplace for data storage related services. This marketplace is built with blockchain based consensus network by independent data storage providers willing to trade its service through this network.

Lambda system also serves as validator for verification of data storage space traded through the network. It allows the blockchain network marketplace with the storage system ensuring high security and high reliability. Lambda decentralization storage system is compliant with Provable Data Integrity core requirements and Proof of Space and Time (PoST) certificate. Learn more about Lambda and how it can revolutionize blockchain technology implementation.