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DogVacay Pet Sitting

DogVacay is an American based company out of California. The company was founded in 2012 and has been featured on many major news outlets. Hosts are able to join the website for free and share information about themselves and their hosting abilities. Hosts set their own fee schedule and DogVacay does an excellent job of handling the internal workings of the transactions. DogVacay has been well-received by the public and has raised millions in venture capital funding. We invite you to try their services as a dog sitter or find your next dog sitter on the website.

DogVacay login allows you to access a dog sitting platform where people in need of pet sitters can find and book a local dog sitter. Care providers can sign-up for the website and earn an income by taking care of the dogs. DogVacay uses an extensive vetting service to make sure your animal is in good hands throughout their stay. Their website boasts an enormous network of tens of thousands of available workers to assist you for all of your needs. Please visit their website today to learn more about the services offered.

DogVacay Dog Sitters

DogVacay pet sitters are available in 8,000 cities and the entire booking and payment process is handled online. DogVacay reviews allow you to learn more about your care taker prior to booking. The website offers 24-7 customer support to help with any questions you may have. The DogVacay login is available through their app and is able to be downloaded on Google Play and the App Store. Pets of all sizes and breeds are welcome and you are nearly certain to find a great dog sitter.

DogVacay Jobs and Opportunities

In addition to dog sitting, DogVacay also offers dog boarding, dog walking and daycare. There are many opportunities for those looking for work in the pet sitting industry and DogVacay’s job options may be worth looking into. Many of the dog sitters are offering expert services for less than $30 per night. We invite you to learn more about the company as a potential dog sitter or user of dog sitting services.

How Does DogVacay Work?

DogVacay has a nice 90 second video on their website that explains how the process works. In short, they have a thorough vetting process and a detailed review and rating system that matches you with the best host possible for your dog. You can trust that you are going to work with a top pet sitter. It is very easy to communicate with your pet sitter at all times and you will understand how your dog is doing whenever you choose to check-in.

Pet Sitting Rates

The rates charged by pet sitters will vary on the different pet sitting websites we list on Sharing Economy Companies. We currently list DogVacay, Rover, Dog Buddy, Swapaw and DogHero. Sittercity babysitting service is now offering pet sitting as part of their range of services as well. The nature of the sharing economy platforms helps to set and maintain good rates regardless of platform. We suggest doing your due diligence when searching for a service provider and DogVacay is a good place to start your search.

DogVacay Reviews and Ratings

DogVacay customers share honest and detailed reviews of their dog sitters in the sitter review section. The site uses a star rating system and ensures dog owners that they are able to select the best possible pet sitter for their pet. Sitters receive honest and critical feedback that allows them to evolve and become the best host possible.

Dog Walking

Sometimes dogs simply need to be walked to maintain their optimal health and fitness levels. DogVacay jobs allows sitters to offer dog walking and check-ins to those who don’t need a full-time sitter. On the website users have the option to choose what services they need and for what duration. Choosing your next dog walker has never been easier.