Buying new books for the new semester is always troublesome. It is costly. Moreover, it is difficult to find a book that matches your curriculum or subject you are going to study. Here is where Lendr comes as the solution for the student.


Lendr is a unique platform where a student can rent books or other study material from other students. So, if you have books from last semester, you can put it in this service. The new student that needs it can rent it from you. Of course, you also get the rental fee from this service, which makes Lendr become a great method for a student to make extra cash. 


Lendr also makes the lending process simple and easy. The student can use the Lendr app to find the book that they need. Then, they decide when and where they are going to pick the book from other students. After that, they make payment and wait for the date to pick the book at the agreed location.


This app service seems simple. However, this service help student to save more time to find the book they need. Moreover, it reduces the book waste and saves more paper for environmental benefits.