Metronome, or simply MET, is a cryptocurrency that can be considered as new. This cryptocurrency is mainly focused on improving decentralization when it comes to doing business. Metronome is also focused on improving endurance when it comes to all of its processes. This cryptocurrency can actually be exported and imported across multiple chains. It was originally on Ethereum. However, Metronome can actually hop between blockchains, making it quite flexible. That way, the users of Metronome will be able to choose for themselves a chain that fits whatever they need to manage their digital assets. You will be given that kind of freedom if you decide to join the Metronome network.

There are several features that Metronome offers you if you decide one day that this cryptocurrency is for you. It has a very high standard when it comes to cryptocurrency. There are key principles that Metronome held high. The first one is self-governance. This means that there is no influence from anywhere once this network has launched. It will be able to take care of itself, being autonomous. The second principle is reliability, which basically means that you can trust this platform. The third and last principle that this cryptocurrency has is portability. This maximizes the decentralization when it comes to transactions. That is why Metronome is built to last.

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