Japanese entertainment world like anime, movies, programs, music, games, and others have attracted many people all around the world. It is proven by more than 230,000 visitors who come to Japan Expo every year. As information, Japan Expo is a festival of Japanese culture that is held in some foreign countries like French and others. Sure, in its own country, it is conducted to gain more tourists. 

This way, Mindol is a company that provides entertainment products originally from Japan for a larger society. All people can just participate in it by posting, voting, and even creating the content. Sure, it is also possible for others to edit and give feedback. Even copyrights have been settled so that you should not worry about your products being claimed by others. 

There are indeed some terms and conditions that must be fulfilled by visitors who want to participate. Meanwhile, other visitors who just want to enjoy those Japanese entertainment products can access them for free. You should not worry since this program is supported by many sides including the Japanese government itself. The government even promotes it as a cool Japan strategy. So, are you interested in participating in Mindol? Make sure to visit its official website at https://mindol.net/.