It said that Blockchain is the perfect system that can change the world into a better condition. The reality is different. There are still many problems that you can find in this technology, especially related to its proof of stake and its inability to give you what it was promised before. Neurochain tries to change that by providing a better version of Blockchain technology and fix all the problems in the current technology.

In short, Neurochain is the augmented Blockchain technology. The Neurochain team builds this system from the inside of Blockchain technology. They add AI that works based on a better concept than the old Blockchain. They use the involvement, relevance, and integrity as the base of the system. It also uses the human brain logical pattern to provide a much better decision for the AI or bots in this system will use.

Neurochain also consumes less resource than current Blockchain technology, which makes it more effective. Moreover, this project has a goal to provide a real decentralization system where the community holds the decision in it. Then, the main goal of this project is providing a Blockchain platform that everyone can easily enter and use it easily without a complicated process.

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