The paddleboard is one of the most popular marine activities. People rent the board and use it to play paddling in the sea. However, it’s difficult to find the rental service for this activity these days. PADL sees that as a challenge and offers a solution.

PADL provide a service that allows its user to make money by providing the paddleboard rental service. This company offers the hardware, which is the board, sign, and place to keep the board and lock it for this business. They also have an application that customers can use to find the PADL location and rent the board from that spot.

PADL uses the sharing business concept. Therefore, everything is done automatically. The customer book and pays the service using the online method through the app. Then, they self-served by taking the board from the mentioned location and return it to that spot.

The owner of the rental service can easily monitor their service using this app. Moreover, by providing the app and online connection, PADL also opens more opportunities to expand the business and make more profit. For the customer, this application saves time to find what they need, as well as simplify the rental process.