Cannabis legalization creates a big hype all over the countries. Not only the hypes from those hippies but also for the forward-thinking entrepreneurs. Recreational cannabis turns into billion dollars industry involving cannabis seed producers, cannabis cultivators, cannabis processing facilities, to dispensaries all over the country.

While it is pretty much like conventional agricultural business, cannabis business is way more sophisticated. Cannabis business process would face different complications throughout its supply chain. It is ranging from seed acquisition, cultivation and post-harvest processing, to licensing and compliance to meet. Blockchain technology can help to simplify the whole process in more reliable solution.

Paragon is a blockchain software designed for agriculture industry especially for cannabis business. It is built to meet the highest standard of safety, security, and compliance within cannabis industry. Paragon creates a platform connecting all parties within the cannabis industry including cultivators, testing labs, distributors, manufacturers, and dispensaries in a decentralized marketplace.

It is practically cover whole cannabis industry supply chain, from seed to sale. Every user will have full control to monitor and track every plant, batch of production, strain of plant, and product with the software and easily use the digital manifest to transfer to licensees. Paragon digital ledger is very powerful to keep every record secured with encryption.