Buying a new item can cost you a lot of money. So, why don’t you rent that item? If you only need it for a short time, this is the best solution. The problem, finding the uncommon rented item is difficult. But, that what Wannarent tries to solve.


The Wannarent app will connect you to the people that have items that you need. And, you can rent them through this application. Just find the item category that you need, find the item, make payment and contact the owner to decide the place to get it. Now, you can get the item that you need. After you are done, you can return that item to its owner.


Wannarent offers various types of items you can rent. This service even has a list of popular items that people need. From the item owner perspective, this app also allows you to make money out of your item with this service. 


From a bigger perspective, this service also reduces the waste from the item production. This service is the solution to the consuming society problem that we are facing today. So, it gives you a solution and creates a big effect that changes our world into a better place.