It is said that decentralization is the next big thing in the world economy and blockchain technology is the leading force to create the environment. With high demand of blockchain technology for wide varieties of implementation, new blockchain infrastructure is required to support wider implementation of new business models.

Waykichain is the one to answer that challenge! This company is building more advanced blockchain infrastructure dedicated for enterprise-level industry solutions, dubbed as blockchain 3.0 commercial public chain. Waykichain highlights core principles of decentralization, fairness, and irreversibility of blockchain and combine it with advanced algorithm and development providing highly secure and reliable platform with high performance.

Betting industry was the first place Waykichain launched its platform. This company uses blockchain based application to decentralized betting. It offers smart contract technology for betting application developer. The smart contract is proven to save cost while fully compliant with betting rules. Independent or third party developers can join Waykichain public chain through this platform.

From the success of Waykichain in decentralizing betting application, it shows the huge potential of this platform. It creates new opportunities to develop this platform for new business models such as asset trading, foreign exchange trading, and many more. The goal is making Waykichain as big ecosystem for sharing economy.