WePower is a smart energy procurement and trading platform that allows you to buy energy directly from its producers. This system allows you to make contracts with the best electricity producer that you can get. That way, you will be able to buy renewable energy from producers that will give you the best and cheapest price for you. The transaction in WePower is made available by a financial mechanism that is digitally-enabled called the PPA (Power Purchase Agreement). Through WePower, you will be able to fully understand your energy consumption and find the best electricity producer. You will be able to make a contract with the producer digitally and monitor the generators while they are starting to make energy for you.

WePower offers you a series of features that you will definitely benefit from. First off, you can get direct access to energy producers through WePower. This allows you to have more control and gives you the power to decide on which electricity producer that you want to choose. WePower also has a transparent accounting that makes it pretty easy for you to trust its system. The transactions that you can make through WePower is also relatively cheaper. Other than that, WePower works with a lot of renewable energy producers that you can choose from. This allows you to make comparisons to decide which energy producers that you want to work with. That is why WePower is the next generation when it comes to energy procurement.