Boolberry is a cryptocurrency that you can easily use. Like any other cryptocurrency, Boolberry provides a transaction method that is decentralized, which means that you will not need third party institutions in order to make various transactions. This will make you independent when it comes to making financial transactions. You do not have to worry about security when it comes to Boolberry because this cryptocurrency is fully secure and definitely anonymous. Being anonymous means that the transactions that you make with Boolberry will not be able to be linked to a single sender. That way, your anonymity will definitely be maintained.

There are several benefits and features that this cryptocurrency offers you. The first one is how Boolberry can solve blockchain bloat. Now, Boolberry has a pretty unique pruning mechanism that is able to trim old ring signatures. That way, you can do your transactions pretty quickly. The second feature is the fact that Boolberry defends you from ASICs. Boolberry has a special algorithm that can be used to fight hardware mining. This makes your transactions even safer. The last feature this cryptocurrency offers is the fact that it is very user-friendly. The Boolberry wallet app is considered to be very easy to use. That way, you will be able to use Boolberry with such ease.


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